Ifrah Mansour - Multimedia Artist

Objectives: Ifrah Mansour’s stories are based on the absent narrative, the untold and unsung stories of Somali people, their history, and their identity. What helps capture the significance and meaning of these stories while also adding an aspect of shared understanding is through the experience of tea drinking, which is very important in Somali culture. In this activity, you will find an object that means something important to you, that connects in some way to your identity, background, of who you are, and record your own movie retelling a significant story from your past.

Tools/Resources: MN Original Video clip, paper (or journal), pencil, iPad or other form of tablet, movie recording app, item that means something significant to you, tripod (if possible) or something to hold tablet while it records you.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. Why is it important to hear the stories from Somalia that Ifrah is recording – even if they are “beautiful and ugly times”?

    b. “Tea is very important to Somali culture” – why do you thin Ifrah Mansour chose to have the people interviewed drinking tea?

    c. Ifrah Mansour also took photos of the hands holding the tea – why do you think she captured the hands and included them in her play?

  2. Think of a single object that reflects cultural identity or is meaningful/important to you.

    a. Think of a personal story that somehow connects that object to you (it can be direct or indirect – i.e. from your childhood and a childhood story, or a bowl and a story about family times together)

    b. Write down what you plan on saying for your movie – tell your story that involves (either directly or loosely) the object you have chosen.

  3. Make video

    a. Using the tripod or having the tablet or iPad upright (landscape mode works best), record yourself with the object. It can be you using the object or just looking at it and turning it around. Record yourself with your object for 2-3 minutes in duration.

    b. Open the movie editing app on your tablet or iPad, edit the movie so that the audio is removed and the recording is silent.

    c. Practice reading your story aloud a few times, once you are ready, record audio over the object movie from the beginning. Wait 3 seconds from after you press record to when you begin telling your story.

    d. Once you are done, save your movie with narration and share it with others!

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