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TPT This Week Sample
TPT This Week
Sent every Tuesday, this newsletter highlights the best shows from PBS and TPT, as well as articles and events from TPT, REWIRE, and Next Avenue. Click here for example.
Play Date Sample
Be among the first to find out about TPT’s family events, new episodes from SciGirls and PBS Kids, articles from PBS parents, games, apps and more! Sent twice a month. Click here for example.
Public Affairs Sample
Public Affairs
Stay up-to-date on local politics and issues facing Minnesotans. Sent every Monday, this newsletter highlights recent stories from Almanac, PBS NewsHour, and more. Click here for example.
Arts Sample
Dive into the Twin Cites’ thriving arts community. Get updates on PBS Arts programming, the latest from MN Original, discover local artists, and find out about local arts and music events. Sent twice a month. Click here for example.
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