Andrea Jenkins - Poet


Objectives: Poet Andrea Jenkins is not only a brilliant poet in her own right, but is also an integral part of the Oral History Project – a three year project focused on interviewing up to 200 individuals about transgender and gender-nonconforming people from the Midwest.  Andrea Jenkins focuses on identity and the artistic form of poetry that connects to the human soul – the synthesis of art and activism.  You will create your own activist poetry about a cause you feel strongly about and create a digital poem by combining the poetry with images in iMovie.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper, iPad, Pic Collage kids, images (either found or their own with camera).

1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How does poetry help “connect to the human soul?

b. Why is poetry being used here to talk about a social issue?

2) Think of a social issue that’s important to you.

a. Pick one.

3) Introduction of 6-word story:

a. Show examples, explain that it is a sentence that tells a story without telling the story.

b. Think of a topic (can be either social issue or anything), as a group, brainstorm words that come to mind, then put together as one sentence for six word story.

c. After completed, have students brainstorm key words and write them down with paper and pencil.

4) Get students to gather photos either taken by them or from the internet (check creative commons).

5) In Pic Collage, put images together with six word stories. Students may present their six word stories as a poetic gallery walk or just share with you for assessment.

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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