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What's growing in your garden?

Watch these TPT shows to get excited about watching your garden grow

May 16, 2022

Spring has certainly sprung in Minnesota and as the weather heats up people start planting! Check out this list of local programming centered around urban farming, gardens and more. Available for you and your family to watch now on the PBS App or online.

Happy viewing!

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Lidia Celebrates America: Harlem Grown, An Oasis in New York City

When Tony Hillery’s business fell apart during the 2008 financial crisis, he began volunteering at a school cafeteria in Harlem, New York. Shocked by what he saw, he founded Harlem Grown, an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.

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Building Health Equity: Health Happens in Community

Appetite for Change uses gardening, training and education, and its community-driven Breaking Bread Cafe to build health and wealth in North Minneapolis. Co-founders Princess Titus-Haley and Michelle Horovitz share how listening to the needs of the community led them to start a multi-faceted social enterprise that’s slowly changing the foodscape in North Minneapolis.

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The Connecting Power of Food

Food is a connector! It can bring people together for a meal, give us a safe space to learn about other people and cultures, and connect us to the land. Find out how Appetite for Change uses food to connect neighbors in North Minneapolis by listening first, then responding to what’s needed most in the community.

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At the Table: What is Food Insecurity? 

There’s no single definition of “food insecurity,” but we asked people working in food justice to help us understand what it means, including a lack of access to healthy foods, a lack of choice, and families not knowing where their next meal will come from. Race and geography can both contribute to a family’s ability to access to healthy foods.

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Farm Fresh Road Trip

Host Mary Lahammer travels the state to show you farmers and chefs working together to further the local food movement. Produced with the Minnesota Farmers Union.

Check out this article about restaurants featured on the show!

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Outside Chance: Urban Farming

Musician, activist and the North Minneapolis director of Youth Farms, Marcus Kar gives Chance a tour of the community gardens in the neighborhood as they bike their way through the North Side discussing the benefits these gardens provide to the community.

Plus! There is a bonus article here on how to get involved with urban farming in the Twin Cities.

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