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Unwrap 14 New Picks to Watch on TPT Passport this December

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November 27, 2023

As December descends and the winter chill sets in, it’s the perfect moment to unwrap the season’s newest treasures on TPT Passport. Embrace the festive spirit with a curated collection of heartwarming dramas, enlightening documentaries, and captivating performances.

This month, we unveil a delightful array of 14 spicks that are destined to be your December must-watch list. So, snuggle up with your warmest blanket, savor your favorite festive drink, and let us whisk you away with the latest shows, documentaries, and performances—all available for streaming anytime, anywhere.

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Call the Midwife Holiday Specials (2019-2022)
Binge them starting November 25

Ahead of this year’s Call the Midwife Holiday Special, catch up on the magic of the previous four specials.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Season 2 Coming November 23
Just a year after Eliza left Broken Hill behind, much has changed, with lives at RFDS South East progressing at a rapid rate. The determined team faces some of their most high-stakes challenges to date – in the air, on land, with each other and within themselves – set against the isolation, beauty and brutality of the Australian outback.

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Antiques Roadshow: Thrills & Chills
This special Halloween episode revisits heat-racing Antiques Roadshow appraisals that will give you goosebumps.

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The American Buffalo: A Film By Ken Burns
Once numbering in the tens of millions and sustaining the Native people of the Great Plains, America’s national mammal is driven to the brink of extinction. An improbable collection of unforgettable characters rescues it from disappearing forever.

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American Experience: The War on Disco
The War on Disco explores the culture war that erupted over the rise of Disco music. The hostility came to a head on July 12, 1979, when a riot led by rock fans broke out at “Disco Demolition Night” during a baseball game in Chicago.

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Native America: Warrior Spirit
Across Native America, warrior traditions support incredible athletes and connect people to combat, games, and glory. Celebrate and honor the men and women who live and breathe this legacy today.

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Secrets of the Dead: Death in Britannia
Uncover what happens when archaeologists study a skeleton found with an iron nail through its heel bone, suggesting the person was the victim of crucifixion in Roman-occupied Britain. Only one other skeleton with evidence of crucifixion has ever been found in the world. Who were they? What was life in Roman Britain like? And why did they receive such a gruesome punishment?

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Secrets of the Dead: Jurassic Fortunes
Discover the world of dinosaur collecting, a controversial hobby with a booming market. Hear perspectives on the fossil trade from private collectors, paleontologists, and others, as Big John—the largest Triceratops fossil ever found—is assembled in Italy and auctioned in France.

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NOVA: Ancient Earth Mini Series
The Ancient Earth Mini Series explores Earth’s early existence through fiery hellscapes, frozen wilds, the birth of life, and more.

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Spy in the Ocean: Deep Feelings
Spy creatures explore animal emotions and the deep feelings we share. With surfing dolphins, kissing manatees and sensitive cuttlefish, witness the emotional rollercoaster of life in the sea.

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Austin City Limits: Jorge Drexler
Award-winning Latin music star Jorge Drexler debuts on Austin City Limits with a sparkling hour of Spanish-language songs from his landmark Tinta y Tiempo.

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Austin City Limits: Margo Price/Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway
Country iconoclast Margo Price returns to Austin City Limits in support of her lauded album Strays, while award-winning bluegrass stars Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway make their ACL debut with their LP City of Gold.

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Caverns Sessions: Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Darin & Brooke swing through The Caverns backing their incredible 9th album together. Grand Ole Opry regulars, Darin is a former member of The Country Gentlemen and Brooke the 4-time consecutive winner for Female Vocalist of the Year for the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA). Together, they won the IBMA’s nomination for 2021 Vocal Group of the Year.

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Great Performances: Message in a Bottle
Experience five-time Olivier Award nominee Kate Prince’s dance and theater show set to the songs of 17-time Grammy winner Sting. Telling the story of a migrant family, the show from London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre features a mix of dance styles.

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