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Twin Cities PBS Explores the Impact of Culturally Affirming Education in a New Film

April 15, 2024


April 15, 2024 (St. Paul, MN) – Twin Cities PBS (TPT) is proud to present Profe, a powerful one-hour documentary that delves into the historical and present-day triumphs and struggles behind creating an equitable educational system in Minnesota for members of the Latine community. Produced by TPT filmmaker Sergio Rapu and Executive Produced by WEM Endowed Director of History Daniel Bergin, Profe sheds light on the lasting impact that culturally affirming education has on students and communities, alike.

Premiering as a Minnesota Experience history documentary, Profe offers an inside look at two bilingual, independent public schools in the Twin Cities, El Colegio in Minneapolis and Academia Cesar Chavez in St. Paul, and how they are making change happen in the larger context of an often politically charged conversation about education in America. The film centers on the intimate stories of three Latina women and their trailblazing efforts to empower Latine students in an educational experience designed specifically for them. The three women recount their stories of how the mission of education entered their lives, and how they are inspired to put the specific cultural needs of Latine students at the center of their curricula. As the co-founder of Academia Cesar Chavez, Ramona Arreguín de Rosales had a profound influence on the other two educator-activists, who collectively continue to advocate for Latine culture- and language-centered coursework for students of all ages.

Profe explores how Latine activists and educators are adapting educational systems and structures to better serve the needs of all students,” states Rapu. “I invite audiences to engage with the compelling stories and individuals featured in Profe, and to join the ongoing conversation about equity and inclusivity in education.”

In addition to spotlighting the challenges and opportunities of today, Profe also explores the rich history of Mexican settlement in Minnesota during the 1900s, the fervent Chicano Movement of the 1960s, and recent efforts to provide bilingual education and ethnic studies in public schools.

By weaving together past and present narratives, the documentary highlights the tireless efforts of community organizers and activists who have fought for educational equity, advocating for diverse, inclusive and responsive education systems.

Don’t miss the premiere of Profe on TPT 2 on Tuesday, April 23 at 8 pm. The film will also be available for free streaming on and on the PBS App on the same date.


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