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TPT Announces “In It Together”

New TPT initiative seeks to inspire and inform healthy democracy

April 26, 2018

In It Together

Saint Paul, Minn. (April 25, 2018) – Twin Cities PBS (TPT) announces “In It Together,” a new three-year initiative aimed at supporting the values, knowledge and behavior that support and sustain a healthy democracy. Partisanship and polarization in America have been growing for years, but they are morphing into contempt and fear as Americans increasingly sort themselves into like-minded groups.

TPT is committed to helping Minnesotans strengthen and participate actively in democracy. “In It Together” seeks to help build a democracy grounded in the fundamental values of inclusion, equity and participation; to make key information both accessible and engaging; and to develop opportunities for Minnesotans to talk with – and listen to – each other. Through media, partnerships and events, “In It Together” will focus on engaging Minnesotans around three key questions:

  • What are the values that underpin the practice of democracy in Minnesota? For example:

– TPT will create On the Road, a new series using on-air and online media to stimulate conversations from multiple perspectives about how and why specific issues are experienced differently by people and communities around the state.

– TPT will launch America From Scratch, an innovative, new web series that explores what we might — or might not — do differently if we were designing American government from the ground up.

– TPT will produce media exploring the history of democracy in Minnesota, such as the history of voting rights.

  •  What do Minnesotans need to know to engage effectively in civic life? For example:

– TPT’s Almanac will report extensively on the key issues at play during the 2018 campaign season and beyond. In addition, Almanac will create a series of political debates among candidates for state and national office. Almanac airs live statewide on the six stations of the Minnesota Public Television Association.

  • How can we cultivate behaviors that support a healthy democracy? For example:

– TPT will create First-Person Democracy, a series of short-form, digital-first videos that invite Minnesotans to share their personal perspectives and experiences of democracy.

– TPT will convene a series of Purple Conversations, creatively using multi-platform media and in-person events to engage Minnesotans in meaningful conversations across differences. In particular, TPT will facilitate conversations across generations, among rural and urban Minnesotans, and across racial/cultural communities.

TPT will collaborate with several community partners on “In It Together” including the League of Women Voters Minnesota, Native Governance Center, LeadingAge Minnesota and AARP Minnesota.

What do you think?

How are you feeling in the present political climate? Do you think the system is broken or are we stronger than ever? Do you have ideas on how we can bring people together? What questions do you have? We want to hear from you!

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