Fountain Abbey / Arthur Calls It

Muffy's devastated when she learns her great, great grandmother Mary Alice wasn't royalty, but a common maid. The indignity! However, Mary Alice's old diary reveals a more interesting story. 

Tuesday January 27th
6:30 am on tpt 2

Genealogy Roadshow

Philadelphia - Franklin Institute

At Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, a team of genealogists uncovers fascinating family histories.

Tuesday January 27th
7:00 pm on tpt 2

Edison: American Experience

The holder of 1,093 patents, Thomas Alva Edison's name was nearly synonymous with invention. Driven, intensely competitive and never more at home than he was at work, Edison is remembered as the genius that created the modern world.

Tuesday January 27th
8:00 pm on tpt 2


Penguin Post Office

In the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula, a post office is surrounded by 3,000 gentoo penguins.

Wednesday January 28th
7:00 pm on tpt 2

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