Finding Your Roots: In Search of Our Fathers

In Search of Our Fathers

Henry Louis Gates explores the paternal ancestry of Stephen King, Courtney Vance and Gloria Reuben.

Tuesday September 23rd
7:00 pm on tpt 2

The Boomer List: American Masters

Iconic baby boomers, including Billy Joel and author Amy Tan, provide insight into the generation

Tuesday September 23rd
8:00 pm on tpt 2

Martin Yan's Taste of Vietnam

Where Dragons Nest

Crispy Fried Shrimp and Steamed Whole Fish in Spicy Bean Sauce are prepared.

Tuesday September 23rd
8:00 pm on tpt LIFE

Joan Rivers: a Piece of Work - American Masters

A year-long ride with the legendary comedian and groundbreaking female performer is showcased.

Tuesday September 23rd
9:30 pm on tpt 2

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