Call The Midwife

Jenny's patient Leah struggles to cope with her mother's agoraphobia, as well as her own pregnancy.

Sunday April 20th
7:00 pm on tpt 2

Masterpiece Classic: Mr. Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge, Season 2 - Part 4

Miss Mardle houses a handsome refugee and Harry has a showdown at cards with Loxley.

Sunday April 20th
8:00 pm on tpt 2

The Bletchley Circle

Blood On Their Hands, PArt 2

Alice Merren is in prison for murdering a colleague. An investigation reveals a military cover-up.

Sunday April 20th
9:00 pm on tpt 2

The Lowertown Line: Malamanya


This episode features Malamanya, a Minneapolis-based band playing a style of music steeped in traditional rhythms and melodies of Latin American and Caribbean music.

Monday April 21st
10:00 pm on tpt 2

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