Why Sharks Attack

There's still 39 minutes left... tune in now!

Leading shark experts research the science behind the great white's hunting instincts.

Wednesday August 27th
8:00 pm on tpt 2

Operation Maneater: Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Mark Evans travels to Western Australia to test non-lethal solutions for preventing shark attacks.

Wednesday August 27th
9:00 pm on tpt 2

Midsomer Murders

Bantling Boy, PArt 2

A horse trainer is killed after refusing to go along with the other owners and sell their racehorse.

Thursday August 28th
8:46 pm on tpt 2


This week on Almanac… a former lawmaker panel… exploring Twin Cities pro wrestling history… boosting state disability hiring.

Friday August 29th
7:00 pm on tpt 2

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