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Bring the Sounds of STAGE to Your Classroom

Free educational content guides from PBS LearningMedia

April 7, 2023

Co-created with host, Natalia Romero Arbeláez, TPT Learn has published the STAGE collection on PBS LearningMedia, a collection of resources that highlight 12 different artists and venues featured in the second season of STAGE.

Bringing in Natalia’s experience as an educator and musician, these education guides are designed to be easily implemented in classrooms across grade levels and subjects, not just music classes. Each guide contains discussion questions designed to encourage personal reflection on the themes of episode, as well as activities that will creatively engage learners.




The War Bonnet guide on PBS LearningMedia includes a full performance from the band, as well as a conversation between Natalia and band member, Chaz Wagner, as they discuss topics such as the influence of Ojibwe heritage, stories of the Mesabi, and a live demonstration with a drum.

Try the Music Breakdown activity where you can create sound maps representing the different beats and notes of the instruments used.


ACTIVITY HIGHLIGHT – American Roots Revue

The American Roots Revue guide on PBS LearningMedia explores how music can be used as force for social change across generations and backgrounds. The guide also includes a full performance and a conversation with band members, Larry Long and Billy Steele.

Try the Musical Generations activity where students can use a set of guided questions to interview older friends and family members about music they appreciate from their generation.

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