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'SciGirls' Celebrates Computer Science

Fifth Season Packed with STEM Energy, Powered by CODING! Series Launches December 12th on PBS KIDS (Check Local Listings) or Watch Online

November 11, 2019

Go on; take a byte: SciGirls is serving up a piping hot new season that is all about COMPUTER SCIENCE! New episodes premiere on PBS stations nationwide and stream online at on Thursday, December 12th.

SciGirls is an Emmy Award-winning PBS television series that explores, encourages and educates girls (and boys!) around science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. Produced by Twin Cities PBS (TPT) and shared with public television stations nationwide, SciGirls’ five seasons are packed with STEM energy. In addition to standards-based episodes, children, families and educators everywhere enjoy SciGirls’ popular website, hands-on activities and educator workshops. All of SciGirls’ resources work together to address one simple but powerful goal: to change the way girls see STEM and the way the world sees girls!

Season Five continues the SciGirls STEM adventure with a focus on a critical 21st-century skill: coding. Across five new episodes, smart, creative and real girls—not actors—team up with adult STEM professional role models to track urban wildlife, “paint” with music, explore Florida’s ocean life, animate, communicate and create—all by using computer coding. As always, SciGirls’ animated characters Izzie and Jake are along for the ride, using STEM to solve problems, help people and have fun!

SciGirls STEM energy doesn’t stop when the episodes end. A new digital game on will introduce kids to coding, and the SciGirls educational outreach team is empowering a dozen girl-serving organizations nationwide to implement new programming around computer science. All SciGirls’ outreach content is available in English and Spanish on SciGirls educators’ website ( And of course, since today’s 21st-century students learn, live and connect online, all SciGirls videos, games and activities are available 24/7 at

“Computer science drives innovation throughout the U.S. economy and is firmly at the center of tomorrow’s workforce,” said Rita Karl, SciGirls Executive Producer. “But computer science learning remains marginalized throughout K-12 education, especially for girls, who face barriers like gender stereotypes and low exposure to women role models who code. SciGirls Season Five seeks to change that narrative, empowering girls to create, not simply consume, technology.”


SciGirls is produced by Twin Cities PBS, and is made possible by major funding from the National Science Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Cargill Foundation, The Craig Newmark Foundation and the PPG Foundation. 

The mission of TPT is to “enrich lives and strengthen communities through the power of media.” As one of the nation’s leading public media organizations, TPT uses television, digital media and community engagement to advance education, culture and citizenship. Over its 60-plus year history, TPT has been recognized for its innovation and creativity, particularly in STEM media production. Based in St. Paul, MN, TPT is one of the highest rated PBS affiliates in the nation, reaching over 1.3 million people each month through multiple broadcast and online channels. The organization’s particular areas of focus include: the educational readiness of children; serving the needs and unleashing the potential of America’s aging population; engaging a new generation in the power of public media; and being the preferred media partner for organizations that align with our mission to enrich lives and strengthen community. For more information, visit TPT online, follow TPT on Facebook and Twitter


The National Science Foundation is an independent federal agency that supports education and research across all fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  In addition to providing major support for SciGirls, the NSF supports other science and math programs on PBS and, including DragonflyTV, Peg + Cat, Design Squad Nation and Plum Landing.  Click here for more information on NSF activities.

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