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Science That Makes You Go "Wow!"

Science experiments from hometown science superstars

September 11, 2020

By Katie Carpenter

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CAMP TV went local, showcasing science experiments and discoveries from our hometown’s Science Museum of Minnesota, local science teachers, and 3M’s Visiting Wizards! Check out the special local segments below and try experiments at home using the recommended activities!


Behold the amazing bubble, the soapy structure that can stretch water and trap air.

Even the tiniest things can have a huge impact on our world. Bubbles have the power to stretch water and trap air.

TPT_Bubbles_CampTV_Episode 116 from Twin Cities PBS on Vimeo.

From TPT’s Hands-On Science: Magnets, Bubbles and Slime episode, hosted by David Gillette, featuring demonstrator Betsy Stretch.

Funding provided by Xcel Energy Foundation.

Make your own bubbles with these fun activities



Make some molecules move, chill, and change with these at-home experiments.

These easy at-home activities are a great way to play with molecules. Some string and cans of different sizes can be made into instruments that send vibrations of different speeds through the air. Everyone knows vinegar and baking soda make a great volcano, but it also causes a temperature change. While vinegar can also draw solid proteins out of liquid whole milk, making “milk plastic.”

From TPT’s Hands-On Science: Physical Changes and Atmosphere episodes hosted by David Gillette featuring demonstrators Eddie Chamberlain, Michael Lewandowski, Mindy Mallinger, Jeffrey Payne and Bridgette Shannon.

Funding provided by Sit Investment Associates and Sit Mutual Funds and Gertrude R. Shiely Charitable Trust.



In this video, learn the creative tricks engineers use to build higher, stronger, and smarter.

The Science Museum of Minnesota demonstrates the creativity driving engineering. Learn how water helps make a taller tower, triangles are stronger than squares, and how to fling a frog farther.

From TPT’s Hands-On Science: Engineering episode, hosted by David Gillette, featuring  Science Museum of Minnesota demonstrators Peter Anderson, Gretchen Henke, and Becky Hill.

Produced with the James B. Linsmayer Foundation and Manley and Mary Johnston.

TPT_SMM Engineering_CampTV_Episode 118 from Twin Cities PBS on Vimeo.

Try these DIY engineering experiments from the Science Museum of Minnesota at home!

Engineering Fun: Slow—or speed up—your roll

Cardboard engineering—three fun ideas

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