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New Documentary Explores the Life and Passion of Minnesota Storyteller, Kevin Kling

November 2, 2015

Twin Cities PBS – produced “Kevin Kling: Lost & Found” to Air on tpt in November and PBS this Spring

Saint Paul, Minn. November 2, 2015 – Twin Cities PBS (TPT) premieres a new documentary about a Minnesota literary treasure. “Kevin Kling: Lost & Found” tells the compelling story of the local playwright and storyteller.

 In the one-hour special, Kling reveals with wit and poignance, how his experience of loss and journey to healing have shaped his art and life. The production blends documentary and performance, and features original animations that bring Kevin’s stories brilliantly to the screen. After debuting on TPT 2, the program will be broadcast nationally this coming spring on PBS.

Kevin Kling is part humorist, part poet and philosopher, part sacred fool. He tells his extremely funny and moving tales in a Minnesota accent straight out of the movie “Fargo.” Kling was born with a congenital birth defect — a shortened left arm with no wrist or thumb. Fourteen years ago, a devastating motorcycle accident left him with a paralyzed right arm. Kling channels his profound experiences with trauma, disability and loss into stories that bring a message of healing and connection to audiences around the world.

Kling’s stories draw not only on his childhood growing up in suburban Minnesota, but also on Shakespeare, Dante and Homeric legend, with wisdom and relevance that transcends to modern day life. “Kevin Kling: Lost & Found” is filled with surprise, humor, depth and a unique prism on disability. And it illuminates for the Twin Cities and a national PBS audience the story and talent of a major Minnesota artist.

“Kevin Kling: Lost & Found” premieres on TPT 2 on Monday, November 16 at 9 p.m. with an encore broadcast on TPT 2 on Friday, November 20 at 9 p.m. This program will also be available to watch online via

“Kevin Kling: Lost & Found” was produced and directed by Angie Prindle. Co-producer: Marie Domingo;  Executive Producer: Catherine Allan.

The program was made possible by the State’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the citizens of Minnesota.


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