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Looking Back on 'ART IS...Living in Between'

May 29, 2018


ART IS…Living in Between was a highlight of my artistic career in the Twin Cities! It was thrilling to be able to give space, time and resources to three beautifully diverse Asian Pacific Island American female identifying artists. To witness the heart, artistry, and joy that they brought to the stage exceeded all my expectation. And to be amongst the wonderfully diverse audience that showed up with so much love and appreciation that my feet didn’t touch the ground for a week.

I am thankful for Joelle Fernandez and the AZN Kids for their House, Krump, Social Hip Hop and Urban dance explosion. Their dance erupted from a profound place of being ignored, oppressed, alienated, and tossed aside and they made it very clear that they are HERE, they are filled with passion and talent, and they have things to DO! 

I am thankful to Eliza Rasheed for her gorgeously personal one-person play. This multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, and multi-racial journey screamed unapologetically about what it truly means to be an American!

I am thankful to Hope Nordquist for a voice that is deeply connected to heartache, pride, humor, and authenticity. The cabaret revealed the complexity of a Korean adopted, queer, warrior, who is treading her own path to empowerment and acceptance.

I am thankful to TPT for giving artists the agency to lift up other artists! There is nothing more exciting than being able to give a fellow artist a stage to express, a microphone to be heard, and a spotlight to be seen.  To be the dynamic mirror that boldly reflects humanity with all its flaws and perfections, so we might strive to be better.

I am thankful for the Twin Cities community that keeps showing up and yelling at that top of their lungs, ART IS…ESSENTIAL!

– Randy Reyes, Lead Artist for TPT’s ART IS…Living in Between

Watch AZN Kids perform

Dance Excerpt 1

Dance Excerpt 2

Watch Eliza Rasheed perform



Watch Hope Nordquist perform

“She Used To Be Mine”

“I’ll Be Here”

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