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Looking Back on 'ART IS...Black Light!'

May 3, 2018

“It was an absolute honor working with TPT, ShaVunda Brown, Amani Ward and Yoni Light on the production of ‘ART IS…Black Light.’ These artists are absolutely amazing…in every way, and it means so much to me that they were willing to work with me and bring my vision for this show through to fruition. I couldn’t be more proud of these women and their works, their performances, their light, their talent and radiance! In all the time I have been an artist, this was one of the most authentic, loving, family-oriented, special shows that I have ever participated in. Our people showed up in full effect…packing the studio in support and, the energy was so thick in the room it was visceral.

I am beyond thankful to have started my year out by getting to feature and showcase some of the best artists here in the Twin Cities. And, this is exactly why we need and always will need these types of collaborations between organizations like TPT and the artist network. Because it encourages our growth and our collective voice at a time where speaking out…using art for social change is dire.

And, lastly it really helped me realize how it is feasible for me to merge Black art, life and community involvement/advocacy together to bring out the best in my own artistry by using my platform to invite others to shine. The whole process of, ‘ART IS…Black Light!’ was life-changing and, I am glad to have been able to share such a beautiful memory of a beautiful night with such beautiful people.”

– PaviElle French, Lead Artist for TPT’s ART IS…Black Light!

Watch ShaVunda Brown

“An African American Name from Africa America”

“Black Girls Don’t Dream of Blue Eyes Anymore”

Watch Amani Ward


“I Wish”

Watch Yoni Light

Performance Excerpt

Performance Excerpt



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