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¡Celebrar SciGirls!

Fourth Season Packed with Bilingual Spanish/English STEM Energy! Series Launches February 1 on PBS KIDS (Check Local Listings) or Watch Online

February 1, 2018

SciGirls - 2 girls with Izzy

SAINT PAUL, February 1, 2018 – SciGirls soars into its fourth season on PBS, inspiring bright and curious kids to explore science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. But this new season has a special twist: while still firmly focused on STEM, these six new episodes celebrate the language and culture of the fast-growing and youngest racial/ethnic group in the United States: Hispanics! The brand-new season of the Emmy-winning show debuts February 1, 2018, on PBS KIDS (check local listings) and online at 

On this season’s SciGirls’, bright, relatable, creative girls—not actors—team up with adult female STEM professionals to solve STEM challenges, improve their communities and make new friends. But in these groundbreaking episodes, the real-life SciGirls and their mentors tackle their STEM adventures in both Spanish and English, honoring their Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Guatemalan, Argentinian, Colombian, Ecuadoran and Salvadoran heritage. Subtitles for both languages are provided, making sure all viewers can join in the STEM learning.

And as always, SciGirls’ brand of STEM learning is all about collaboration, exploration and flat-out fun. Hailing from all over the United States, the bilingual STEM superstars code light-up dance costumes in New York, engineer an urban chicken coop in Colorado, design a NASA-inspired water bottles in Texas, explore tree ecology in Puerto Rico, engineer a streamlined process for an Arizona food bank and create a fitness boot camp to promote community health in California. SciGirls’ animated character Izzie is also back, sharing her favorite activities and her Hispanic family’s customs, goals and adventures.

In addition to these high-energy, Spanish-first episodes, the SciGirls educational outreach team is partnering with Hispanic-facing youth organizations nationwide to deliver standards-based bilingual STEM programming to children, families and educators. All outreach resources and activities are in both English and Spanish on the SciGirls CONNECT educators’ website. Kids can check out all bilingual videos, grab great STEM activities and connect with fellow STEM superstars on the SciGirls PBSKids website.

SciGirls has spent over a decade addressing a challenging reality: girls face greater obstacles to STEM success than their male peers,” said SciGirls episode director Maria Agui Carter. “These barriers are even greater for young Hispanic girls. SciGirls fourth season, with its Spanish-first, culturally responsive approach, is nothing short of groundbreaking.” SciGirls’ Director of Cultural Competency, Alicia Santiago, echoes Agui Carter: “Our research underscores that girls must see STEM role models who mirror their heritage and experiences. In partnership with Hispanic educators, parents and community leaders, SciGirls selected exceptional Hispanic female STEM professionals to inspire and empower this season’s girls—in a language and style that feels uniquely theirs.

The series that Parenting Magazine calls “cool stuff” is proud to shine a spotlight on our nation’s emerging Hispanic STEM innovators, thinkers and explorers. Whether girls are interested in pursuing STEM studies, becoming future STEM workforce leaders, or just exploring their world, SciGirls’ new bilingual Spanish/English episodes welcome everyone to the fiesta de la ciencia!


SciGirls is produced by Twin Cities PBS, and is made possible by major funding from the National Science Foundation. Additional support is provided by Northrop Grumman, PPG Foundation, The Cargill Foundation and the Donaldson Foundation.

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The National Science Foundation is an independent federal agency that supports education and research across all fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  In addition to providing major support for SciGirls, the NSF supports other science and math programs on PBS and, including DragonflyTV, Peg + Cat, Design Squad Nation and Plum Landing.  Visit here for more information on NSF activities.

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