Philip Noyed – Multimedia Artist


Objectives: Philip Noyed doesn’t limit his creative process, going as far as to install a swing in his studio. Learn about the artist’s creative methods to inspire his work and how to apply it to your own process.

Tools/Resources: Paper, colored pencils, paint, markers, a camera, National Gallery of Art – Digital Open Access and Library of Congress – Public Domain Images.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. What techniques does the artist use to capture movement and light?

2) Chose an emotion and, using available materials, use a single color to interpret it on paper.

3) When complete lay the paper on a flat surface with room around it to move.

a. Turn on music.
b. Use movement to take photos of the drawing or painting.

i. How do the photos change the intention of the original piece?
ii. Do the photos feel like they have more movement?

4) To take the exercise a step farther, print off famous works of art to photograph in motion.

a. What new energy and perspective do your photos give the work?
b. Does interacting with the work in this way make you feel more connected to the artist?

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