Jennifer Shea Hedberg - Wintercraft Ice Wrangler

Objectives: Jennifer Shea Hedberg utilizes out Minnesota winters and cold to make amazing ice sculptures! In this activity, you will make your own ice lanterns, something that she learned early on, out of party balloons! Do this science-based activity in the winter time when it’s cold outside and you’ll have a lovely winter lantern of your own to admire!

Tools/Resources: video clip, balloons (or punch balloons – more durable), water, faucet, battery operated tea lights, scissors.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. What is “ice logic”?

    b. What are the three states of water? What state of water are Jennifer Shea Hedberg’s sculptures?

    c. If the sun suddenly became warmer, what would happen to the ice statues first? Second? (in terms of the state of water)

  2. Ice Lanterns

    a. Use either party balloons or punch balloons. Punch balloons are recomended as they have a heavier weight, can create bigger ice lanterns, and are more durable than party balloons. Plus you can use the string to hang the ice balloon and achieve a better circular shape.

    b. Fill the balloon with water from the faucet.

    c. When about full, turn off water, blow in a little bit of air, and tie at the end. If using punch balloon, hang the balloon outside somewhere it can freeze and hang up undisturbed. If using a regular balloon, put the balloon outside where it will freeze undisturbed.

    d. Ask – What state of water is in the balloon right now? How can you tell?

    e. The next day, check on balloons.

    i. Use scissors to pop and remove balloon.

    ii. Place ice lantern over a battery-operated tea light turned on.

    iii. Admire your ice lantern!

    1. What state of water is the ice sculpture? How do you know?

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