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Twin Cities PBS Updating Technology to Better Serve Viewers

Members May Experience Delayed Response Times and Other Impacts During Change-Over

July 26, 2023

Twin Cities PBS (TPT) is committed to better serving our viewers. For this reason, TPT will be updating our customer service tools. The changes are part of TPT’s digital transformation efforts, with the goal of better serving our community now and into the future. 

This technology update is made possible through the support of our members and donors. 

During the period of transition to the new system:  

  • Viewer and Donor Services may need extra time to respond to inquiries and concerns. 
  • Members may receive duplicate mailings. 
  • Sustaining members may notice their monthly donations are charged earlier or later than usual. 
  • Email newsletters will be unavailable.

When will the transition occur? 

The transition is tentatively scheduled to take place from September 7 through October 2.  

Please continue to check back here for updated information on the transition and its impacts.  

Why will the impacts occur? 

As we transition from our old system to the new system, our database will not receive updated information or requests from viewers, members, or donors in real-time. This will lead to delays in the service TPT can provide to viewers and members and prevent our mailing and gift collection systems from drawing on up-to-date data. 

Who will be Affected? 

Sustaining members will be most impacted. These members may receive duplicate mailings and notice their membership gifts are charged earlier or later than normal.  

All viewers and members who reach out with questions or requests may experience delays in responses during the transition. It is possible the Viewer Services team will need to request call-backs to best serve viewer and member needs. 

Why Now? 

TPT is updating our technology in service to the future of the organization and our ability to better serve our community. As part of our efforts toward digital transformation, the new system will give TPT the opportunity to provide a more streamlined and personalized experience for our viewers, members, and donors. Following the transition, our audience will experience more responsive customer service and more personalized relationships with TPT. 

This page will be updated throughout the transition process. Please return for up-to-date information.  

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