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Twin Cities PBS Showcases 'Remembering Place: A Cemetery Story'

Documentary explores cultural history around death in partnership with Lakewood Cemetery

November 5, 2021

ST. PAUL, MN – Twin Cities PBS (TPT) announced the release of Remembering Place: A Cemetery Story in partnership with the local Lakewood Cemetery as it turns 150. This new documentary highlights death and dying, and how history and values are reflected in the practices communities use to commemorate their loved ones. Remembering Place: A Cemetery Story will premier and be broadcasted locally on TPT and be available on starting Nov. 22 for streaming.

Remembering Place: A Cemetery Story explores death and dying as well as how rituals performed around death reflect the values of the community. Lakewood Cemetery, one of the oldest local cemeteries in the Twin Cities area, demonstrates how our local societal values have changed, such as from cemeteries being created for utilization to and more recently as public garden spaces. Cemetery r practices have changed and will continue to adapt as they explore more earth-friendly options and meaningful rituals for new generations. The documentary is narrated by Cathy Wurzer, host of Morning Edition and Minnesota Now on MPR News, and also co-host of TPT’s weekly public affairs program Almanac, as Wurzer continues her promise to a dying man to help Minnesotans find ways to cope with and talk about death.

“Cemeteries mirror the surrounding community,” said Producer Kevin Dragseth. “They are sacred places where everyone is equal, but they keep changing as humanity changes. There is a lot to be learned about the history and complexity of a community simply through the rituals surrounding how they commemorate their loved ones when they die.”

“Lakewood has served this community for 150 years, and we have seen how remembrance practices continue to evolve. We hope this partnership with TPT will inspire individuals and families to discover what’s meaningful for them when it comes to memorialization, because as many of us know deeply, we never forget those we’ve lost,” said Lakewood’s President, Chris Makowske.
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About Twin Cities PBS:
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About Lakewood
Lakewood is a serene haven in the heart of Minneapolis’s renowned Chain of Lakes—a place to come together to honor, remember and reflect. Since 1871, Lakewood’s 250 acres of urban memorial parkland have served as a community gathering place and a chronicle of our region’s traditions, cultures and people. A history keeper and a thought leader, Lakewood honors its roots as a landmark cemetery while re-imaging its role in modern life, through thoughtfully designed events, experiences and spaces.

Today, Lakewood is making memorialization more relevant, accessible and inviting for new audiences and generations—with more creativity and choices. As a nonprofit organization governed by a board of trustees, Lakewood is committed to preserving and enhancing our grounds and architectural treasures, and we use proceeds generated from activities and events for that purpose.

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