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Twin Cities PBS’ Minnesota Experience Series Premieres 'The Baldies'

Documentary exploring 1980s Minneapolis gang’s fight against neo-Nazis premieres in October

October 15, 2021

The Baldies

ST. PAUL, MN (Oct. 15, 2021) – Twin Cities PBS (TPT) announces the release of its newest documentary as a part of the Minnesota Experience series. The Baldies highlights a Minneapolis-based and skinhead-inspired gang of organized activists fighting neo-Nazis during the 1980s. The Baldies premiere will be broadcasted locally on TPT and available for streaming on starting Oct. 18, 2021.

The Baldies shares the story of a mid-1980s group which formed based on the fashion of British skinhead culture. Inspired by historical street gangs including the Fordham Baldies and the Wanderers, the gang discovered a mutual distaste for and fought against Nazi-skinheads active in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Notably, they fought against the White Knights, a Nazi-skinhead gang, as well as St. Paul-based Bound for Glory, one of the largest white power bands in the world. Eventually the Baldies created a more inclusive group, the Anti-Racist Action (ARA). Members included skinheads and others who protested Nazis as well as other societal reformation topics including police brutality, foreign wars, the housing shortage and income inequality.

“The gang’s studies of British skinhead subculture directly relates to immigrants from the West Indies, as those people brought their music and culture to Great Britain when they came,” said David Roth, TPT Producer of The Baldies and the recently completed Minnesota Hardcore among other productions. “Essentially, the Baldies gang was formed at the intersection of cultures and active in speaking out about anti-racism and police brutality. The conversation this documentary encourages is so necessary and relevant, especially in Minneapolis, especially today.”


A press kit including photos and the trailer for the documentary can be found here.

To learn more about TPT’s upcoming documentary, visit the show page. 

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