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Looking Back On 'ART IS... Show & Tales'

June 28, 2018


ART IS…Show & Tales was a BLAST. It is always a challenge to take a visual arts venue and give it life. With the amazing collaboration and presentation of Christopheraaron Deanes, Angela Davis, Yijia Li and myself we were able to conjure up the spirit of creativity through the sharing of our artistic skills. This could only help with the enormous contribution of our audience collaborators. The curiosity, faith, joy, and willingness to share their stories through our mediums was courageous and awe inspiring.

The phrase “It takes a village” rang loud and clear at this event. People from two years of age to eighty–six shared their stories as they created their piece of a puzzle a patch work quilt. From the amazing food by Sabota Seyon at Right on Thyme, to tunes by DJ Kool Akiem – the place was jumping. Super big HUGE thanks to TPT for their total amazing insight and creative skills to pull all of this together. TPT is one of the greatest gifts to Minnesota and the world. We are so blessed to have them. I am so blessed to partner with them.

My Grandmother Carie had a saying “Nothing beats a failure but a try!” I create my art to heal people and their communities by evoking a positive spirit.


– Ta-coumba, Lead Artist for TPT’s ART IS…Show & Tales

Hear from Christopheraaron Deanes

Hear from Angela Davis

Hear from Yijia Li



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