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Learn About Why Climate Change is Important

Four shows from TPT that teach us about our ever-changing world

April 21, 2022

Earth day is a great time to reflect on the state of the world. While it’s important to be grateful for the big planet we all call home, climate change and how we choose to clean up our planet could make a big difference in the future. Because TPT’s priority is to provide educational programming for viewers (just like you!), check out four shows to dig deeper into this global crisis.

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Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World


Travel with the world’s best-known climate activist as she takes her fight to a global stage. With unique access, the series follows Greta over an extraordinary year as she embarks on a mission to ensure world leaders work to limit global warming.


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Changing Planet



Join conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan for a global environmental health check of seven of Earth’s bellwether biomes. From the Arctic to the Amazon, these vulnerable habitats are changing, revealing surprising animal behaviors as species adapt.


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Frontline: The Power of Big Oil



Frontline examines the fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change. Part One of this three-part series charts the fossil fuel industry’s early research on climate change and investigates industry efforts to sow seeds of doubt about the science.


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Earth Emergency


This revealing film examines how human activity is setting off dangerous warming loops that are pushing the climate to a point of no return – and what we need to do to stop them. With captivating illustrations, stunning footage and interviews with leading climate scientists as well as support from Greta Thunberg, “Earth Emergency” adds the missing piece of the climate puzzle.


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