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Celebrate Women's History Month with Twin Cities PBS

February 28, 2023

Womens Suffrage in Minnesota

In celebration of Women’s History month, Twin Cities PBS (TPT) has curated a catalogue of material for our new Women’s History collection. The programs featured in this library showcase women who had the strength, courage, and dedication to make their mark on their communities and the world. We invite you to celebrate these women who shaped history, took the stage, reshaped traditions, and are at the heart of some of our favorite stories.  

Sylvia Strobel

As TPT’s President and CEO, Sylvia Strobel, states:

“Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate and be inspired by the many accomplishments, struggles, and successes of inspirational women, both in Minnesota and around the country. 

As I reflect upon the struggles and accomplishments that shaped my path to this moment, I am filled with a sense of purpose, strength, and optimism to help shape Twin Cities PBS (TPT) as it moves into the future. I hope that my story is one of inspiration to other women – becoming TPT’s first female president in its 67-year history. 

As TPT celebrates Women’s History Month, you’ll meet strong, fierce, independent and courageous women who share their stories through song, dance and the written word – those who fought for their right to vote, are re-shaping their narrative and transforming their communities.” 


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