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14 New TPT Passport Picks for a Lovely February

Check out the newest additions to the streaming platform

January 29, 2024

How lovely! February has arrived, and with it comes 14 streamable new shows now on TPT Passport. This month, TPT Passport members have access to new seasons of compelling dramas, insightful documentaries, and imaginative performances—all at your fingertips for streaming anytime, anywhere.

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What is TPT Passport?
TPT Passport is a member benefit that gives you extended access to an on-demand streaming library of PBS and TPT shows, including full seasons of many favorites like Downton Abbey, Atlantic Crossing, World on Fire, and many, many more. Make a qualifying donation so you can start enjoying TPT Passport on your computer or with the PBS App on your favorite streaming device, mobile device or Samsung smart TV!


Sisi: Austrian Empress – Season 2 Coming February 2
With war looming, an unexpected reunion with Count Andrassy could jeopardize everything Franz and Sisi have built: their empire–and their marriage. From Walter Presents, in German with English subtitles.

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Call the Midwife – New Episodes on TPT Passport starting February 16
It is now 1969 and more babies are being born in hospital than ever before. Pressure on maternity beds remains extremely high across the country but Poplar is coping better than most due to the work of Nonnatus House and the popularity of home births under the auspices of the Sisters.

Inspector Ricciardi – Season 2
In 1930s Naples, police commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi possesses a unique talent. He can see the ghosts of people who have died violent deaths and listen to their final thoughts. Shrouded in an air of mystery that drive most away, he never laughs and his heart beats for two women. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.



Luna & Sophie – Season 4
Luna Kunath is strong-willed but her penchant for naivety gets her into trouble. Sophie Pohlmann seems more mature, but her desire for harmony and fairness can be her weakness. From Walter Presents, in German with English subtitles.




Antiques Roadshow: Out of This World
Explore the universe of space-themed treasures, including NASA Space Program autographed photos, a 1737 celestial & terrestrial atlas, and a Star Trek treatment, script, and letters. Have the values of these stellar finds skyrocketed in the market?

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America ReFramed: The Cost of Inheritance
An America ReFramed special, explores the complex issue of reparations in the U.S. using a thoughtful approach to history, historical injustices, systemic inequities, and critical dialogue on racial conciliation. Through personal narratives, community inquiries, and scholarly insights, it aims to inspire understanding of the scope and rationale of the reparations debate.

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American Masters: HOPPER: An American Love Story
Discover the secrets behind Edward Hopper’s most iconic and enigmatic works. Known for “Nighthawks” and other evocative paintings of American life, Hopper has left a lasting impression on our culture. Meet the man behind the brush, and see how his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison Hopper shaped his art and career.

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Children in Crisis: The Story of CHIP
In the early 1980s, the steel industry collapsed, leaving families without any healthcare coverage for their children. As displaced steelworkers banded with church leaders in the hardest hit sections of Pittsburgh, a grassroots program expanded into one of the most important federal children’s healthcare programs ever enacted – the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

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Finding Your Roots: Born to Sing
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the roots of singers Alanis Morissette and Ciara—using DNA analysis and genealogical detective work to trace lineages that run from shtetls in Eastern Europe to Jazz Age Harlem. Along the way, Alanis and Ciara reimagine their families and meet the people who laid the groundwork for their success—including one ancestor who was at the center of a song.

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POV: Aurora’s Sunrise
At 14, Aurora Madriganian survived the horrors of the Armenian Genocide and escaped to New York, where her story became a media sensation. Her newfound fame led to her starring as herself in Auction of Souls, one of Hollywood’s earliest blockbusters. Blending storybook animation, video testimony, and rediscovered footage from her lost silent epic, Aurora’s Sunrise revives her forgotten story.

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POV: Fire Through Dry Grass
Wearing snapback caps and Air Jordans, the Reality Poets don’t look like typical nursing home residents. In Fire Through Dry Grass, these young, Black and brown disabled artists document their lives on lockdown during Covid, using their poetry and art to underscore the danger and imprisonment they feel. In the face of institutional neglect, they refuse to be abused, confined, and erased.

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POV: Wisdom Gone Wild
A vibrant tender cine-poem, a filmmaker collaborates with her Nisei mother as they confront the painful curious reality of wisdom ‘gone wild’ in the shadows of dementia. Made over 16 years, the film blends humor and sadness in an encounter between mother and daughter that blooms into an affectionate portrait of love, care, and a relationship transformed.

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Secrets of the Dead: Nero’s Sunken City
Explore some iconic historical moments while debunking long-held myths and shining new light on past events. Advances in investigative techniques, forensic science and historical scholarship offer new evidence on forgotten mysteries.

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Lookingglass Alice
Created and performed by Chicago’s Tony-Award-winning Lookingglass Theatre Company, the show is a marvel for all ages, transporting audiences down the rabbit hole to a circus-infused playground for an exhilarating adventure inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories.

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