Zak Sally - Cartoonist


Cartoonist Zak Sally says of his creative process, “It is dumb, and I would change it if I could, but I can’t…staring at the wall is a big part of my process.” What is your creative process? What does it take for you to be in a place to create new ideas? Does your process involve staring at the wall? When do you feel most creative? Can you make yourself be creative?

Zak is a publisher because he can put out what he wants when he wants and isn’t dependent on someone else to get his work to the public. He also publishes other artists under his label. If you had your own publishing label, what kinds of artists would you want to represent? Would you devote your label to introducing the public to new and fresh artists? Or would you only want to represent artists with a proven track record of success? Write a mission statement that lays out what would your label would stand for.

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