William Souder - Writer


Objectives: William Souder is a renowned writer, whose biography of John James Audubon, was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. Learn about his meticulous process and what creates a memorable biography.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Select a historic figure or pop icon you have a personal interest in.

a. What resources are available for you to draw from?
b. Are there enough primary sources to rely on?
c. What secondary sources could be used to enhance your story?

2) Write a 1-2 page biography of their life.

a. Because this is a short telling of their life, be sure to prioritize details drawn from your primary sources such as key dates and details.
b. Whenever possible use footnotes to annotate your statements.

3) Regroup to discuss:

a. What are the most challenging aspects of writing a biography?
b. When primary sources aren’t available, how could you ensure you areproviding accurate information?
c. If someone wanted to write the biography of your life, where would they find the best information about who you are?

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