Tom Richmond - Illustrator


Objectives: Tom Richmond believes that as an artist you gravitate toward what’s natural to you. In this exercise identify things that come naturally to you and reimagine how those skills could be utilized in a professional environment.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss how the artist turned his hobby into a successful career.

a. Why do you think the kinds of illustrations that Richmond specializes in are seen as less sophisticated than “fine art?”
b. Does this kind of art deserve to be in a museum?

2) Take 5 minutes to write a list of 3 things you enjoy and are good at. It can be as ordinary as making scrambled eggs, as broad as listening, or as specific as drawing.

3) Break off into small groups and share the lists.

a. Takes turns with each person and brainstorm careers that could utilize that skill or interest.

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