The Shiny Lights: Heartbeat


When members of rock band The Shiny Lights talk about their group you can see that their collaboration means a lot to them. With over a century of collective experience to draw on, each of the musicians has had a long, successful career and is now relishing the chance to create something new with old friends. The lyrics affirm their joy:

No more walking in the shadows / No more screaming at the heavens / No more talking like a madman / Sing it out loud to your heartbeat / Let your soul explode and / Sing it out loud to your heartbeat.

Write about a time when you worked collaboratively and discovered the joy of having the benefit of everyone’s collective experience and knowledge. Reflect on and write about what the strengths and skills that each person brought to the group.

Pick a task which you usually do alone and plan how to include other people to “lighten your load.” Then as you carry out the activity, work like you’re “singing out loud to your heartbeat.” Did it go better? Did you learn from the other people?

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