Terrence Payne - Visual Artist

Terrence Payne says that if he is not having fun creating his art, it is not worth doing. Describe an activity you do that brings you happiness. Would you stop doing it if it was no longer fun?

Tracing paper allows Terrence Payne to try out different ideas and piece things together to see what works.

Try your own experiment with tracing paper:
1. Using a pencil, sketch out a design or pattern on plain paper. Darken your finished design with ink, creating smooth, bold lines.
2. In a well-lit space, place a large sheet of tracing paper over your design. You may want to gently tape the corners to prevent it from slipping. Trace over the dark lines using your pencil. (If you don’t have tracing paper, use tissue wrapping paper or as thin of paper as you have.)
3. Remove the tracing paper and reposition it to trace the same design in a different spot. Do this multiple times.
4. Experiment with overlapping the design to see what comes through.

If you want to transfer this new design onto plain paper, follow these additional steps:
5. Place the tracing paper with the design-side face down over the plain paper (tape into place).
6. Using a pencil, coat the back side of the tracing paper design in pencil. Hold the pencil almost completely sideways with the lead touching the paper and move your pencil lead back and forth to create an even coat.
7. Gently peel off the tracing paper to reveal the design that has been transferred onto the regular paper. The lines will be faint, so you may want to retrace them with a pen or dark colored pencil.

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