Ten Thousand Things - Theater

Ten Thousand Things brings performances of classical works to people who typically do not get the opportunity to experience theater. The motto of Ten Thousand Things is: “Because theater is richer if everyone is in the audience.” Do you often see plays, operas, or visit museums? What are some barriers in our society between people and fine art? How can we break down those barriers? Who stands to gain from ‘everyone’ being in the audience?

Artistic Director Michelle Hensley says of her audiences, “Respecting their intelligence, their imagination, their life experience…is a rare commodity in many people’s lives. That [respect] is in some ways as valuable as food or shelter.” How valuable is respect for you? How do you show respect for the life experiences of other people in your day-to-day life? What does Ten Thousand Things want their audience to take away from the experience/piece? Who would you most like to share this type of art with?

Because their performances often travel, the productions often have minimal props, no sets and no special lighting. Actor Dennis Spears says that missing those elements, “challenges you, as far as your craft, to go deeper.” Create your favorite type of art, but strip it down to the bare bones. Can you act without props and sets? Paint without brushes? Create music without instruments? How does this challenge you as an artist?

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