Stuart Pimsler Dance + Theater


Stuart Pimsler’s performance piece Ways to Behold exhorts us to define what we want and keep it safe. His storytelling piece Temporary Shelter offers us the story of the reaction, response, and recovery of people devastated by a tornado.

Write a poem about what is important to you using his words as your framework. Then repeat or recombine the phrases to make it your own:
I want __________. I get __________. I have __________. I own__________. I hold __________. To keep it safe I will __________. To make sure it doesn’t get lost I will __________. I’ll close my eyes, cover my ears, hold my tongue, and dream.

In order to be a better citizen, Pimsler changed careers from lawyer to artist. We more often hear about our RIGHTS as citizens than our RESPONSIBILITIES. Think of something you could do to positively influence the people around you. Each day for a week do one thing to make life safer for the people around you. Does it make a difference?

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