Shawn Carling - Lamp Artist

Objectives: One interesting fact about Shawn Carling’s lamps is the history within each part used. Through salvaging various antique machines and other oddities not usually found within the home, Carling’s lamps offer a unique aesthetic that “get to come into the house”. In this activity, you will be creating three-dimensional works of art using found pieces and “unconventional” materials.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, various found objects that can easily be incorporated into a three-dimensional art piece (fabrics, dried pasta, knobs, screws, nails, wire, aluminum foil, bottle caps, etc), hot glue gun and extra glue, black construction paper glued over a piece of cardboard (same size).


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. What does Shawn Carling mean when he says, “Parts have history to them”?

    b. “Everyday is a Saturday…” What does Shawn Carling mean by this?

  2. Activity:

    a. Look for unconventional materials to use for your three-dimensional sculpture (see suggested materials above).

    b. With help from an adult, use the hot glue gun to glue your first material to the construction paper/cardboard foundation.

    c. Use the hot glue gun to attach other materials to your sculpture, try to use objects that you find interesting, unique, or are appealing to you.

  3. Once completed, share your work with others, explain why you chose certain pieces.
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