Sarina Brewer – Rogue Taxidermy Sculptor


Objectives: As a founding member of the Rouge Taxidermy movement, Sarina Brewer’s ethically sourced sculptures have received international recognition and praise, including being featured on the front page of the New York Times’ Art Section. Imperative to Brewer’s process is the fact that she honors the animals she works with by only using remains from humane sources and are not killed for the purpose of her artwork. Learn about the rogue taxidermy movement and how her work pushes the artistic boundaries with her hybrid creations.

Tools/Resources: Pen, paper and available art supplies.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How does Sarina Brewer ensure that her materials are ethically sourced? Why is that important to her?
b. How does her taxidermy differ from other examples you’ve seen?
c. What surprised you most about her art and process?

2) Create your own hybrid creature.

a. Using available art supplies, combine two or more animals into a new creature.
b. It can be totally original or draw from mythology or science fiction.
c. Write a paragraph describing the world your creature inhabits and how they exist in it.

i. How does it move through the world?
ii. How does it relate to other animals or people?


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