Pearce Bunting - Actor


Objectives: Garrison Keillor’s play Radio Man made its premiere at History Theatre in Saint Paul, MN. Actor Pearce Bunting portrays the “host”, whose story is based on Keillor’s childhood and experiences from the beloved national radio program, A Prairie Home Companion. Learn about the process of adapting a personal story into a play.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. What would it be like to portray a real person’s story, especially if they watched you do it?

i. What would you do to prepare?
ii. Who do you admire that you’d like to play?

b. Pearce Bunting shares that singing is outside of his comfort zone but he has to do it every night. What’s something that would be outside of your comfort zone that you’d like to conquer?

2) Write an outline for the story of your life.

a. What major events would you include?
b. What advice would you give an actor playing you?
c. What will be the most challenging part of portraying you? The most fun?

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