Moheb Soliman - Interdisciplinary Poetry

Objectives: Moheb Soliman is a poet who believes in the nonhuman living world (animals, nature, ecosystems) and experiencing wilderness. To him, it is a “radical experience to be in the natural world and re-calibrate who you are and on what axis you orient yourself around.” Place and identity play a vital role in this experience of the self – in this activity, you will think of a place special to you, either in the natural world or not (however the natural world is ideal). Think of it as an “authentic encounter” in a natural space.

A poem will be written about that place, a poem that captures that place’s meaning to you.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, pencil, paper.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. Moheb Soliman says that being in the natural world can be a “radical experience”, what does he mean by this?

    b. Mr. Soliman’s poems have been installed on five different parks around the Great Lakes – why? What purpose does the poetry have in those parks?

  2. Brainstorm:

    a. Think of one place that means something to you, as Mr. Soliman says, an “authentic encounter” in a natural space.

    i. Try to think of a place outside in nature and not inside a building; however if your special place is inside a building, that will work as well.

  3. Write a poem, it can be a structured poem, spoken word, a haiku, any form of poetry you wish – but write about that one special place you brainstormed about

    a. Imagine that you could write a poem about that place to help capture its meaning to you to be shared and experienced by others who visit that place.

  4. Share poem with someone, do not tell them where the place is until after the poem is finished.
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