Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles: Catacombs

In their song Catacombs, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles use a physical place (a catacomb is a man-made underground chamber for burial or religious practice) as a metaphor for the memories and feelings we have when we have lost a loved one. Write about a time when you lost someone you cared about. Did they move away or die? How do they live on in your memory? Is there a physical place that embodies your memories of that person?

Write a Memory Poem about the person you lost. Begin each line with “I remember.” After you’ve listed at least 5 things you remember, write a final line that summarizes how you feel about them. Here is a sample:

I remember how you listened to me
I remember the ways you made everyone feel important
I remember your enthusiasm for each new day
I remember long talks and bike rides
I remember your pot roast with the caramelized onions
I will never forget how you did hundreds of little things which taken all together filled any room that you entered with love.

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