Lindsay Locatelli - Art Jeweler

Objectives: Lindsay Locatelli’s jewelry is colorful, bold, big, and influenced by nature and her own memories. In this activity, you will create jewelry out of various different materials, making your own miniature wearable art sculptures.

Tools/Resources: video clip, scratch paper and pencils, various sculpting materials – examples: polymer clay (if possible, in various colors),, various dried pasta shapes (macaroni, wheels, tubes, etc), aluminum foil, cardboard, construction paper, pipe cleaners, string, paints (acrylic), brushes for paints, scissors, markers, glue (hot glue gun recommended), needle for the string.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. Lindsay Locatelli creates unique and eye-catching jewelry – why do you think she makes jewelry that is different from what you might normally see?

    b. Why would she use nature and her experiences as inspiration for her pieces?

    c. What would you use to inspire you for your own jewelry designs?

  2. Display all of the materials available for use – demonstrate a few ways of using some of them to help give ideas of what can be done with each material.
  3. First, sketch out some ideas, write down your inspirations on the top of your scratch paper for reference

    a. When you’re ready, begin sculpting your necklace or bracelet!

    b. Be creative! There is no “wrong way” to create your jewelry.

  4. Share your art pieces on black construction paper, explain your inspiration, what materials you used, and why you chose to use them in your particular way.
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