Kristen Lowe - Visual Artist


Kristin Lowe uses techniques in her art that evoke emotion and cause the viewer to see the subject in a new way. In her Sheep Series paintings, she enhances the negative space (black space) in order to reveal the sheep as she had seen them. In her film Painting the Place Between, Lowe crafts visuals and text to show how four artists began to see their surrounding landscapes in a new way.

See if you can use different writing techniques to convey emotion. Write a paragraph that describes an object and reveals your feelings about it. Play around with devices like sentence length, repetition of words and sounds, etc. When you are finished, have a classmate read your paragraph. Do the feelings you tried to convey come across for your reader?

Try the same exercise as above by drawing or painting. What sort of techniques can you use to imbue your work with emotion? Play around with color, scale, texture, etc. to see if you can portray your feelings about the subject successfully. Ask a classmate what emotions they associate with the subject as you have portrayed it. Which art form do you prefer to express your emotions through: writing or drawing?

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