Kristen Arden – Metal Artist

Metal worker Kristen Arden likes working with steel because it is a strong industrial material, yet you can make it feel organic and earthy by playing with lines and color. Are there aspects of your personality that have the same kind of duality? Can you be both strong and sensitive? Also, how does Arden incorporate a sense of play or playfulness into her pieces? How would you express yourself using Arden’s type of art? What would you want to say and how would you say it?

Some of the pieces Arden creates are meant to live outside. Metal is affected by weather; it rusts and changes color and texture. Sometimes she designs with this in mind; the piece isn’t finished until it has rusted to the right color. Create a piece of art that requires exposure to the natural elements to be complete. What are some different types of natural elements and how could they be utilized in your art.

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