Keren Kroul - Painter


Objectives: Keren Kroul’s large-scale watercolors are inspired by her memories growing up in Mexico, Israel and Costa Rica. Learn about the concept of memory as a point of inspiration and as a way to explore identity.

Tools/Resources: Paper, colored pencils, markers and/or paint.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Why is memory so important to Keren Kroul?
b. How does it inform her art?

2) What is your earliest memory?

a. Choose an early memory, a place or person.
b. What is the most vivid part of that memory?
c. How has the person or palace changed in your life?

3) Using available art supplies create your own map of that memory.

a. Think about how to represent the way your memory informs and/or interacts with your present day life.

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