Kelly Connole – Ceramics Artist


Objectives: Ceramic Artist and Carleton College Professor Kelly Connole uses clay as her language of storytelling and to express profound beauty. Her work often uses animal figures to learn more about the human condition and is leading her into collaboration with artists outside of the visual arts, proving to be a continual source of inspiration. Explore how art helps facilitate conversations about difficult topics and how to translate those themes across mediums.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Kelly Connole said ceramics is her language for storytelling.

i. What’s your preferred storytelling language?
1. What specifically appeals to you about it?
ii. How does art help us deal with difficult topics like death?
iii.Share an example of a piece of art that touched you or made you think about a difficult topic in a new way.

2) Unexpected collaborations are central to Connole’s process. Using your example of art that has moved you, reimagine it in other mediums.

a. What would your favorite movie look like as a painting or as a song?
b. What kind of ceramic vase would your favorite song be?

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