James Brenner - Sculptor


Objectives: Sculptor James Brenner likes to engage the community with his work, whether creating large public art pieces or involving entire neighborhoods in an iron pour. Learn about the process of creating public art and discover how it can be used to bring community members together.

Tools/Resources: Colored pencils, markers, paper and Minnesota State Arts Board Public Art Map.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. What does an artist have to consider when creating public art?
b. What public art have you seen near you?
c. Is it a good representation of your community?

2) Break off into smaller groups or “design teams.”

a. Make a list of words that describe your community, the people and environment.
b. Using that list, brainstorm ideas for a new piece of art for your neighborhood or school.

3) Assign tasks to everyone on your team putting someone in charge of:

a. Making a materials list – What materials can the designers use from the area to reflect their community? (Are they near a river, mountain range, forest etc)
b. Choosing a color palette.
c. Sketching the design.
d. Writing a paragraph introducing it to the community.

4) Reconvene and present your design to the larger group.

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