Iris Shiraishi - Taiko Drummer

Educators' Guide

“The continuing challenge for me as a performer is to always not be afraid to show what’s on the inside – to figure out what it takes for me to get out of my little shell of this body and give everything that I have. Part of it is trying to be really honest and authentic in the moment, and there are some moments where I really feel like I have transcended my own insecurities and myself, and can just be there and embody the rhythms that are coming out.”
-Iris Shiraishi

Have you ever had a moment where, like Iris Shiraishi describes above, you have transcended your own fear and insecurities to be completely in the moment? Describe the experience. If you have not had this type of experience, identify an activity that you think might prompt a similar feeling for you and explain why.

Perform some research on the history of taiko drumming. Describe three different ways taiko was used throughout Japanese history.

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