Guitar Party - Band

Objectives: Guitar Party is a band that aims to put energy, tempo, mood, and excitement into music, and having a great time doing it. In this activity, you will learn creativity through chaos (or physical movement). Note: this is a multi-day activity, needs space for lots of physical movement, and is best with groups of 2 or 3.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, iPad or tablet with Garageband or music creating equivalent app, chart paper, post-its, pencil, paper


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. After listening to this song, how does it make you feel? Why?

    b. What kind of movement do you feel like doing to this song? Why?

    c. Is it always important for song lyrics to make sense? Why or why not?

  2. Day 1 Activity:

    a. On chart paper, create a table with three sections: hypothesis, experiment, outcome. Each group gets three post-it notes; for the first post-it, record what your hypothesis will be to this experiment: will exercise make me more creative or less creative? Come up with a hypothesis. Put your post-it on the chart under the “Hypothesis” section.

    b. Play the Guitar Party video clip again, while it’s playing, everyone needs to run, skip, hop, leap, sprint, jog, and jump around throughout the duration of the song.

    c. With one or two partners, create a new jam song in Garageband (or similar app). Determine beforehand who will be playing what instrument throughout the song. Create song.

    d. Play the Guitar Party video clip again, everyone needs to run, skip, hop, leap, sprint, jog, and jump around throughout the duration of the song.

    e. In same groups, work together to write simple lyrics to your song. The lyrics do not need to make sense, but needs to make sense with your song. Have fun with it!

    f. Record experience as a group on a second post-it, put it up under the “experiment” section on the table, explaining what you noticed during the activity and what was interesting.

  3. Day 2 Activity:

    a. Repeat activity, only this time, sit and listen quietly when the Guitar Party clip is played. First time it’s played, create song; second time, write lyrics.

    b. Record on a third post-it what your experience was today, what you noticed, what was interesting, and place it under the “Experiment” section on the table.

  4. Day 3 Activity:

    a. Results/Outcomes/Gallery Walk

    i. In your groups, write up an Outcome post-it, verifying or discrediting the first day’s hypothesis.

    ii. Gallery walk, listen to other groups’s songs and read their lyrics.

    b. Discussion of experiment:

    i. Which experience was more enjoyable? Why was it enjoyable? Which day did you feel more “creative” Which of your songs did you prefer listening to/reading the lyrics? Why?

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