Greta Claire - Artist


Objectives: Greta Claire follows her instincts and lets what “feels right” inform her process. Use her work to explore elements of abstract art and various methods to create it.

Tools/Resources: Paper and available art supplies (markers, colored pencils, paint).


1) Create stations with limited, specific resources (a paint table, a marker table, red table, blue table etc.)

a. Pick a station to begin and start creating an abstract piece of art. Don’t plan ahead or overthink what you’re creating. Rely on your instincts and the materials to guide you.
b. Every 2 minutes switch to another station.

i. Repeat until you’ve visited every station.

2) Regroup and discuss:

a. What surprised you most about this exercise?
b. Did you like letting your instincts guide you or do you prefer to create something more tangible?

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