Futurekave - Social Game Experience


Chuck Olsen and Taylor Carik created Futurekave, a digital world that is shaped by real life interaction and movement. They wanted participants to feel that they could “affect this world.”

Within Futurekave, the affects participants have on the world are immediate and visible. Write about how, if at all, an experience like Futurekave can help people realize the consequences of their actions on planet Earth.

At the core, Futurekave is interactive art—it would not exist without the audience helping to create it. Brainstorm in small groups what “interactive art” could look like outside of a computer-driven setting. Without a computer program creating the art, what could be responsible for the “art making”?

In your groups, create your own piece of interactive art—visual or performing—that involves all of the group members, plus an audience. Join with another group, and take turns being each other’s “audience,” then talk about the challenges and possibilities of interactive art.

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