Doomtree: Beacon


The chorus for the song Beacon is
I know, I know I know / Wake up, wake up / But I don’t go there, go there / She knows the way home

Look up the word “beacon.” Write about a beacon that helps you find your way home.

Doomtree is comprised of seven members, four of which sing and rap on the song Beacon. Do you think it would be difficult to work within such a large group? Dessa, P.O.S, Sims and Cecil Otter each contribute their own verse to the song, and they all sing the chorus together.

Working in groups of 3-5, come up with a band name and individual stage names, like the members of Doomtree. Make sure the names have personal significance and be prepared to explain their origins. Together, write an original chorus for a song. Then, working individually, write your own verse to the song.

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