Dessa - Singer/Songwriter and the Minnesota Orchestra

Objectives: Singer/songwriter/poet Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra have been working on a collaborative project in which Dessa performs with the full orchestra, with each part bringing something beautiful to create a truly unique experience. In this activity, you will create a simple song in Garageband or similar app, while a friend will create a simple poem to go along with it. Then switch!

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, paper, pencil, iPad or tablet, Garageband app or similar.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. “Each part brings something beautiful to the show” – what do you think that means in the Dessa/MN Orchestra collaborative project?

    b. Why would Dessa’s style of singing and the classical music of the MN Orchestra be an interesting mix?

  2. Create a song and write a poem to go along with it!

    a. In pairs, assign one person the job of creating the song in Garageband (or similar app) and the other with the task of writing a poem to go with the song once it is completed.

    b. Perform the poem and music together; then switch roles.

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