David Bowman - Photographer


“The Lakehead Project” was both visually stunning and emotionally revealing for photographer David Bowman. He set out to discover the source of the Great Lakes, but also learned a lot about his family roots along the way.

Write two different accounts about a place you know well. First, give a factual description of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Then, write a poem that shows how you feel about the place.

David’s “Lost Letters Project” is a series of images from his first years as a photographer, which serves as a letter from his former self to his present self.

Make your own scrapbook for your future self. Find photos that you took and/or that others took of you and assemble them in a book, on a poster, in a box or online. Make sure each image helps tell the story of your present life—what is most important to you? What is at the core of your being? Be prepared to share 5-10 of the photographs and why you included it in your “Lost Letter.”

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