Chiaki O’Brien – Saori Weaver


Objectives: One of the amazing things about SAORI weaving is that whatever you make is one of a kind.  Chiaki O’Brien brought this Japanese form of weaving to Minnesota and has been teaching the technique ever since.  In SAORI weaving, there are only two pedals and two harnesses – the focus is not so much on pedals or technique, but rather colors and textures.  In this activity, you will think of a special skill or talent you have that could be taught to others.  You will then create a how-to video describing how to do your special talent/skill.

MN Original video clip, pen and paper, iPad or recording device, movie editing software (such as iMovie).

1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How does Chiaki O’Brien teach her students the SAORI weaving technique?

b. What is the significance of her teaching?

c. Have you ever taught anyone something you were very skilled at doing? What was it?

2) Brainstorm:

a. Think of something that you do very well – it can be any sort of talent or skill.

i. Write down the process you would use to teach someone – think in terms of steps.

1. Ex: Step 1 –

ii. Think of the actions necessary or what you would need to show if you were to make a how-to video.

3) Create:

a. Using a recording device (iPad, etc.), create your own how-to video. If a partner is necessary to help film, pair up with someone but be sure to assist them with their video as well.

b. Once completed, edit your movie in a movie editing app such as iMovie.

4) Share:

a. Gallery Walk

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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